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Maddy Bollinger, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor located in Denver, CO

About Ms. Bollinger

Maddy, a dedicated counselor, earned her master’s degree from the University of Denver’s Counseling Psychology program, specializing in Clinical Mental Health. With a wealth of experience garnered from both training and post-graduate endeavors, she has honed her expertise in aiding individuals across the lifespan, particularly children, adolescents, and adults grappling with depression, anxiety, relationship challenges, and trauma.

Her professional journey has taken her through diverse environments, including public school systems, intensive outpatient/partial hospitalization programs, and community-based outpatient programs. Maddy's therapeutic approach seamlessly integrates various modalities, such as trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy, exposure-response prevention, acceptance and committment therapy, and psychodynamic approaches. While she emphasizes relational dynamics, her practice is enriched with a holistic understanding of individual needs and experiences.

Specializing in adolescent and young adult development, Maddy guides individuals through identity exploration, interpersonal challenges, and life transitions. She extends her expertise to couples, friends, and family members seeking to enhance their relationships. Central to her therapeutic philosophy is the cultivation of authenticity, humor, and genuine connection to foster profound insights and transformative shifts in navigating life and relationships.