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Trauma is relative to your experience. While around 70% of Americans live through a traumatic event at some point in their lives, you can also develop trauma from other incidences. At Quandary Peak Counseling in Denver, Colorado, board-certified psychologist Trey Cole, PsyD, ABPP, and Maddy Bollinger, MA, LPC, uses their extensive background in working with military personnel, veterans, and civilians to help you explore and learn to cope with your trauma. Call Quandary Peak Counseling or request a consultation online today.

Trauma Q & A

What is trauma?

Trauma is your emotional response to a terrible event. You might develop trauma following an experience like military combat, an active shooter situation, or a personal assault. 

However, you might also have trauma stemming from neglect, childhood abuse, or poverty. 

Trauma is relative to your experience, and what might cause trauma for you might not affect someone else the same way. Trauma can have a significant impact on your mental health and quality of life. Dr. Cole helps patients learn to cope with all types of trauma and find their way to a more fulfilling life.

What are the signs that trauma is a problem?

Trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) cause a variety of disruptive symptoms. Some common signs of trauma include:

  • Flashbacks and nightmares
  • Upsetting thoughts
  • Avoiding places, events, or activities that trigger memories
  • Feeling emotionally “numb” or cut off
  • Losing interest in previously enjoyed activities
  • Being easily startled
  • Becoming easily angry 
  • Losing control of your emotions
  • Trouble eating, sleeping, or focusing

When left untreated, trauma symptoms usually worsen with time and interfere with your life more severely. If you’ve had a traumatic experience, you should talk to a professional like Dr. Cole for expert psychotherapy and support to help you move past your experience and relegate it to the past, where it belongs.

How is trauma treated?

Dr. Cole has over 13 years of experience helping patients cope with trauma. He began his career in the U.S. Army, where he helped active service individuals and veterans cope with trauma and PTSD. Today, he helps patients from all walks of life resolve trauma and develop coping skills to thrive at work, home, and in relationships.

Dr. Cole provides customized psychotherapy to help you resolve your specific issues. He has experience with a variety of therapeutic approaches, including existential, relational, humanistic, experiential, psychodynamic, and cognitive-behavioral approaches. Recognized as an expert in traumatic stress by the American Board for Experts in Traumatic Stress, he may also recommend specialized treatments such as exposure therapy or cognitive processing to reduce your emotional response to traumatic memories and learn to control your reaction to triggers.

If trauma interferes with your quality of life, call Quandary Peak Counseling or schedule a consultation online today for personalized psychological treatment.