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Generally speaking, one of the educational and training aspects that set psychologists apart from other mental health professionals is the ability to conduct psychological assessments. These assessments could include cognitive, personality, neuropsychological, pre-employment, fitness-for-duty, fitness-for-medical procedures – to name a few – and require specialized training to conduct.

Psychological assessment, sometimes referred to as formal testing or evaluation, is a comprehensive process geared towards answering a specific psychological referral question. Some of these questions could look like:

  • Do I have a mental health diagnosis, and what is it?
  • Am I a good fit for this job?
  • Is there anything that might disqualify me from enlisting in the military?
  • Can I undergo this procedure?
  • Do I qualify for social security or disability?

At Quandary Peak Counseling, Dr. Cole can provide a number of specific assessments, including:

  • Diagnostic clarification (i.e. learning disability, ADHD, mood disorders, etc.)
  • Presurgical (bariatric, cosmetic, organ transplant, etc.)
  • Pre-employment
  • Disability/Social Security
  • Military Enlistment

What can I expect during psychological testing?
Oftentimes, when someone is seeking a psychological evaluation, a referral question has already been identified (i.e. another healthcare provider is seeking diagnostic clarification before prescribing medication or a school needs test data to provide academic accommodations), although this may be clarified during the initial assessment consultation session, wherein your psychologist will provide an overview of what can be expected during the testing session, what the tests are used for, and how long they may take to complete.

During the testing portion, you may be asked to complete questionnaires or computer activities, draw pictures, or merely say what comes to mind or is observed. All of this information is then consolidated by your assessor to score according to accepted testing standards and results are interpreted appropriately. Finally, your psychologist will write a report that can either be given to you or the organization that initially requested the assessment.

When should I talk to a psychologist about psychological assessment?
Seeking a psychological assessment or testing does not imply that anything is wrong and is oftentimes used for your explicit benefit, whether that be applying for a job, understanding yourself better, or potentially receiving aid in completing schoolwork. In any case, the feedback your assessment is a recommendation only, and discussion of the testing process and results in encouraged.

At Quandary Peak Counseling, Dr. Cole provides comprehensive psychological assessments and psychotherapy services. Dr. Cole is a top psychologist and has experience in a variety of psychological approaches and tailors your sessions to meet your needs, offering a variety of therapeutic and assessment styles to find an approach that suits your needs. Call Quandary Peak Counseling or make an appointment online today if testing could help improve your life.

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